Dapper & Co.

Young Luxury has combined your tailored suit, sneakers and a hoodie to create hautè couture. Use Dapper & Company as the catalyst to let your creativity run wild!

At Dapper & Company there are no rules....

Art. Fashion. Culture.

Why Choose Us?

Dapper & Co. is an "Urban Luxury" Menswear brand that blends artistic high end finishes to a variety of  products. The leading product is the "Blazer" which is the staple piece to any gentleman's outfit. Dapper & Company's goal is to provide artists of all backgrounds a brand that not only uniquely defines their fashion style but also gives the artist a platform to display their artistic abilities. This is a brand that allows you to be artistic, creative, and luxurious all blended into one.

Art is a stream of consciousness that leads you, and sometimes you don't know where your headed but somehow you end up somewhere creative.

-Dapper & Co.

About Us

Onie Bass/Alex Haro


We believe the coming-of-age and seasoned gentleman should be able to express themselves in a formal or casual fashion. We wanted to embark on something that represented our passion for style but was classic in design, innovative in delivery, and grounded in quality. With each design, you will see an aspect of not only who we are but what we live. Dapper & Co. is designed for the most memorable moments of your life so you can turn up and stand out in occasion-wear that is just as unique as you.

It has been designed to fit your identity and your style!

                         ART. FASHION. CULTURE.

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